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Powering economies, empowering lives

FMO finances long-term projects which power economies, promote the transition to a low-carbon system and safeguard energy security.

Power shortages are one of the biggest barriers to development for billions of people. Whether it is for cooking, charging cell phones or powering offices and factories, everyone needs affordable and reliable energy resources.

Energy is a key sector for FMO, especially in the areas of generation and distribution, with an emphasis on renewable energy. We have built up a strong track record of investing in energy projects across a range of technologies in Africa, Asia and Latin-America. We do not invest in coal or coal mining.

We offer a full range of financing solutions - (syndicated) loans and equity investments -  for energy generation and distribution projects, off-grid solutions, refurbishments and efficiency improvements. Our initial investments often motivate other development finance institutions and commercial banks to participate in the financing of such projects.

We are committed to promote the adoption of leading international standards in environmental compliance, land tenure, business integrity and social practices.


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Energy investments disclosed on our world map

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World map

Husk power systems

Husk replaces faltering diesel generators in rural India with mini power grids. These off-grid utilities work on hybrid power system which is powered by solar cells by day and by biomass by night. The shops and factories can now rely on a constant electricity supply - 24/7 - based on one hundred percent renewable energy that is also 25 percent cheaper. FMO Ventures Program's investment in Husk ensures an expansion from 75 mini-grids now (2020) to more than 400 mini-grids in the coming three to four years. Click left to watch the video

A Guide to Insurance for Project Finance Transactions

FMO believes it is important to bring the topic of insurances to the transactional agenda at an early stage of the financing process. This guide informs energy clients about lenders’ basic insurance requirements for project finance transactions.


Powering economies, empowering lives

Power shortages are one of the biggest barriers to development. FMO finances energy projecst that not only power economies but also promote the transition to a low-carbon system