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Financial Institutions

Accessible finance is a cornerstone for viable economies and strong private sectors. A healthy financial sector can bolster entrepreneurs and individuals alike.

Tailored support

FMO focuses on financial institutions with long-term goals that can bolster their developing markets and communities.

We tailor our products to our clients needs – financing all forms of financial institutions at all stages of development. Our products and services cover the long as well as short-term, incorporating local-currencies when possible to avoid mis-matches.

We also support financial institutions in reaching international best practices, for example, in asset liability management, risk management, product development, environmental risk management and implementation of client protection principles.

Responsible development

We assist financial institutions in finding ways to ensure that their own clients adhere to environmental, social and governance performance standards and guidelines.

FMO believes that a financial institution has the duty of making a truly positive impact on the society it serves. We are committed to using our products, knowledge, and global and regional networks to carry your responsible business to the next level.