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Financing from farm to fork...

Investing across the agribusiness value chain to enhance food security, support sustainability and promoting inclusive development. 

Over the coming decades, the global population will increase to over 9 billion with fewer resources available. FMO has made Agribusiness a priority to help meet this challenge by investing across the value chain - enhancing food security, supporting sustainability and promoting inclusive development.

Since 2012, FMO has built up a highly diverse and financially healthy portfolio in Agribusiness, food & water (AFW) of 837 million euros across Latin America, Eastern Europe, Asia and sub-Saharan Africa.

We offer various forms of financing, including long-term loans, equity, mezzanine and working capital finance. We tailor our funding package to meet the changing needs of your agribusiness company. Whenever possible we also provide our funding in local currencies.

Finally, we are also a strategic finance partner for Dutch businesses that develop projects or initiate business activities in emerging markets.

FMO finances companies throughout the agribusiness value chain:

  • Primary production: crops, livestock, production, and fishing
  • Processing: crushing, storage, manufacturing & packaging
  • Trade: sourcing trading, and exporting
  • Distribution: cold chain & logistics, and retail
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Local for local production

Why invest in a complex and high-risk industry that has failed in the past? FMO’s client Yalelo is a sustainable tilapia farm in Zambia. Its activities cover the whole value chain, from breeding and feed production to end-consumer distribution.

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Why we must take soil more seriously

Trees hold CO2, we all know that by now. But so does soil — if you treat it in the right way. In this podcast, FMO’s Pieternel Boogaard, Director of Agribusiness, Food and Water, and Barbara Baarsma, CEO of Rabo Carbo Bank and Professor of Applied Economics at the University of Amsterdam, talk about investing in soil management.

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Financing Forests

Investing in sustainable forestry contributes to curbing deforestation and climate change

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Bringing cocoa home to Ghana with Niche

Ghana produces the world’s highest-quality bulk cocoa beans and is the world’s second largest producer of cocoa, accounting for 20% of global production. But a great deal of the actual cocoa processing does not take place in Ghana.

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We want to explore soil carbon credits as a means to finance transformation

Together with Rabobank we collected available research and ideas on how the agricultural sector can contribute to the reduction of global warming and what role farmers in developing countries can play.

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Agribusiness investments disclosed on our world map

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