Financing from farm to fork...

FMO invests across the value chain - enhancing food security, supporting sustainability and promoting inclusive development.

Over the coming decades, the global population will increase to over 9 billion with fewer resources available. FMO has made Agribusiness a priority to help meet these challenges by focusing investments across the value chain. 

We offer various forms of financing, including long-term loans, equity, mezzanine and working capital finance. We tailor our funding package to meet the changing needs of your agribusiness company.

FMO finances companies throughout the agribusiness value chain:

• Primary production: crops, livestock, production, and fishing
• Processing: crushing, storage, handling & packaging
• Trade: trading, and exporting
• Distribution: logistics, and retail

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Farmer finance

FMO’s Farmer Finance program works with agribusiness companies and financial institutions on projects that enhance the livelihoods of (smallholder) farmers. Through our financing, expertise and grants, farmers and build up their knowledge and invest in their farms with the aim of becoming financially sustainable.

Farmer Finance leaflet

Agribusiness investments disclosed on our world map

World map
World map

Key facts 2017

€ 837 million

Split per region (%)
  • Africa
  • Asia
  • Europe & Central Asia
  • Global (non-region specific)
  • Latin America & The Caribbean
Split per industry class (%)
  • Production
  • Processing
  • Trading
  • Other agri projects

Financing Smallholders

FMO and Initiatief Duurzame Handel (Sustainable Trade Initiative) offer support to co-finance smallholder farmers with the supply chain companies that source directly from these farmers.

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