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Addressing the lack of access to clean, reliable and affordable energy services for billions of people is one of the world’s most critical development challenges. The energy sector is a key focus within FMO, especially in the areas of generation and distribution, and with a strong emphasis on renewable energy. In middle-income countries, we invest in renewable energy. In low-income countries, we invest in energy projects that enable new access to energy, with a preference for sustainable solutions.

Fuelling economies, empowering lives

For developing countries, access to reliable and affordable energy is essential for economic and social progress.

Energy is crucial for running factories, businesses, institutions and households alike. Finite fossil fuels such as oil, coal and gas continue to be depleted and natural disasters from climate change are more frequent and devastating – putting even more pressure on natural resources. Investing in renewable energy sources therefore becomes increasingly important, and – as costs for these technologies continue to decrease – more affordable.


FMO finances long-term projects that can fuel economies, open gateways to access, clear the way for low-carbon systems and safeguard energy supplies.

Our projects include:

  • Renewable energy projects such as wind, hydro, geothermal and waste-to-energy projects
  • Off grid energy solutions (e.g. for rural areas)
  • Solar home systems
  • Refurbishment and efficiency improvements of fossil-fuel fired plants (e.g. from simple cycle to combined cycle)
  • Sustainable forestry, forest carbon (REDD+) and biodiversity conservation to address CO2 issues and counter global warming
  • Traditional fossil fuel projects (only in low-income countries, where renewable alternatives are not viable)

Our initial investments often motivate other development finance institutions and commercial banks to participate in the financing of such projects. Mobilizing finance partners and experts allows us to help our clients manage the many risk factors involved in making (renewable) energy investments more commercially sustainable.

New investment opportunities

A low-carbon economy can drive innovation, growth and job creation –presenting new opportunities for investors.