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The MASSIF fund provides much needed financial resources to small businesses and micro-entrepreneurs (MSMEs) by supporting the local financial intermediaries and institutions that can contribute to their development.

Driving local economies

For most developing economies it is the small businesses and micro-entrepreneurs (MSMEs) sector that generates the vast majority of economic activity and job creation. This sector is crucial for improving people’s quality of life.

But MSME's are also facing the most challenges when it comes to accessing capital and payment services. Through the MASSIF Fund, FMO can help these businesses jump start and stimulate their growth and development.

Financial services through financial intermediaries

The MASSIF fund provides resources to  financial intermediaries and institutions that cater to MSMEs and low-income households.

Thanks to MASSIF, these intermediaries can offer a wider range of stable finance and other financial services to MSMEs and lower-income households alike – including finance for mortgages, leasing and insurance products.

MASSIF was created in 2006 as a merger of three existing funds: the SME fund (since 1978), the Seed Capital fund (1995) and the Balkan Fund (1998).

MASSIF clients can be:

  • Commercial banks looking to expand client base by downscaling
  • Microfinance intermediaries seeking to broaden their services
  • Non-governmental organizations looking to professionalize and gain official financial status

Local currency financing

Through MASSIF, FMO can provide financial intermediaries with local currency financing. This allows these intermediaries to provide local currency products that will not translate into currency mismatches on their clients’ balance sheets.

In short: their business risks are reduced and they are better able to focus on what they are good at – doing business.