Electrical Safety Toolkit

Kenya D.Light

Electrical Safety Toolkit

This electrical safety toolkit has been developed to support your company and help build on your existing management systems to manage the risk to both workers and local communities. 

Electricity plays a central role in numerous aspects of our daily lives, and the demand for it is continually growing. To keep workers and local communities safe around network equipment, electrical distribution companies need different tools to manage things well. That's why FMO and EBRD created a toolkit to support these companies in managing the risks to both workers and local communities. 

The toolkit provides good-practice approaches to your operations. You can access the tookit here. We also ran a free webinar to launch the toolkit on 21 March 2024, which you can access here.

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The toolkit is divided into three sections:

Strategic management

Here, the toolkit provides examples, guidance and templates of systems that affect a company’s overall management.

Public safety

This section mainly contains templates and guidance aimed at the public. This section will assist companies in raising awareness of the dangers of electrical distribution networks. The guidance documents in this section are designed to be developed to guide the wider public and individual groups.

Internal procedures

This section of the toolkit provides certain documents on a company’s internal operating systems. These relate to regular and high-risk activities, where management systems need to be of a high standard to prevent incidents.

Within those three sections, the toolkit contains a mix of the following material:

Example documents

These are examples of how information can be displayed or presented. They can be used to develop a company’s own procedures or edited to suit a company’s working procedures or local regulations.

Guidance documents

These give more detail about a subject. They should be reviewed before a company develops associated procedures. They may also be used in the company’s own guidance systems as a reference.


Some documents are templates designed for the company to edit, insert their logo and use as their own system. The public safety documents are mainly designed to be tailored to include company-specific information.