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FMO is the Dutch entrepreneurial development bank

We invest in growth and frontier markets, supporting jobs and income generation, and improving people’s lives in those parts of the world where this makes the biggest difference. We invite others to partner with us - lowering thresholds for other financiers, opening up new markets and opportunities. We can do this because of our ability, experience and appetite to take on the most challenging investments and carry a significant share of the risk.

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Doing makes the Difference

We are the do-bank. We do not just have a wish-list, we have a to-do list. In the light of pressing global challenges we feel the urgency to 'do', to persevere and to make tough decisions to enhance local prosperity. Change is never easy, but it has to happen.

Artisans on line

Meet our client Novastar Ventures, an early stage venture capital fund in East-Africa. This video features SOKO, one of the Kenyan-based companies Novastar invests in. The company employs technology to empower and provide equal access to opportunity for marginalized artisans. Their supply chain innovation uses the mobile phone to connect independent artisan entrepreneurs to SOKO in an ethical and transparent "virtual factory".

Upcoming event - Making Solar Bankable

On 6 & 7 February 2020, 600 project development & finance executives from 40+ different countries will come together in Amsterdam. Through unique network facilitation and focused sessions per industry segment you’re sure to get enough leads and insights to fuel your business for months.

Agribusiness, food & water

We invest across the agribusiness value chain - enhancing food security, supporting sustainability and promoting inclusive development.

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Local-for-local production in Zambia

Yalelo is a fully integrated tilapia farm in Zambia. FMO supports this leading regional aquaculture player boosting local-for-local production and affordability of proteins. Yalelo has a positive impact on the local economy and job creation (it currently employs 700 people) and is contributing to the development of the broader local aquaculture sector by providing smallholder tilapia farmers with inputs and training.