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Financing Business

FMO principally provides long-term finance, although we also offer shorter-term project financing. In addition to regular loans, we provide high-risk, innovative financing structures such as mezzanine and equity. In every context we work closely with our clients, tailoring the financial package to fit their specific needs.

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Financing Business

Finance & loans

An overview of our financial products – fully secured loans, guarantees, trade finance, capital markets and mezzanine. MORE

Private equity

Equity can be crucial for a business’ growth and expansion – but is often inaccessible to entrepreneurs in developing countries. MORE

Government funds

Alongside our own capital, we also investments funds on behalf of the Dutch Government. MORE

Fund for Dutch enterprises

FMO stimulates Dutch enterprises to invest in emerging markets and therefore also provides medium- and long-term loans to companies or joint ventures in emerging markets that are partly owned or controlled by Dutch enterprises. MORE

Capacity development

Creating impact is also about investing in the knowledge and skills to make a business work. MORE