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Financial Institutions
banking for a green and inclusive world

FMO works with Financial Institutions for a world where finance is more sustainable and accessible to everyone.

Sustainable economic growth starts with creating opportunities for individuals. Helping entrepreneurs and businesses to flourish by offering them the means they need is key to FMO. For instance, we actively search for long-term financing solutions and often take along other lenders through syndicated loan facilities.

We offer a range of financial products including long-term loans, private equity, mezzanine, and other tailor-made products. Our loans are characterized by typical maturities of 5 to 7 years. They are denominated in US dollar, Euro or local currency if possible.

Additionally,we offer our clients the opportunity to make use of our knowledge and networks to increase access to finance, reduce inequality and to promote green financing.

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Supporting women MSMEs in Armenia

The loans from Amerconombank support women in the growth of their business. Watch the video by clicking on the picture left.

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Supporting women equality

FMO offers a dedicated facility to Financial Institutions to be on-lent to women-owned SMEs. Besides long-term finance for these businesses, we also provide technical assistance to support Financial Institutions and female entrepreneurs.

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Financial Institutions Investments

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