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Who is our client

AgFunder News (AFN) is a news site dedicated to publishing daily, original news about the burgeoning foodtech and agtech (?agrifoodtech?) startup and venture capital industry. AFN is a division within AgFunder Inc. that is launching the Africa-focused site for coverage of the agrifoodtech venture capital and investment sector, focusing on tech innovations and investments designed on and for the pan-African agriculture sector.

Funding objective

The aim of funding the news platform is to promote the African agrifood sector and build a more cohesive ecosystem to onboard more investments and technologies across Africa. With this funding AFN will build a dedicated Africa content channel that complements its existing global and regional agrifoodtech investment news and research platforms by 1) developing and publishing investment research reports, ecosystem maps and useful agrifoodtech and funding guides for Africa?s regional ecosystem and 2) increasing dedicated reporting and coverage of African agtech through a network of local journalists and content partnerships with ecosystem peers.

Why we fund this project

To provide news coverage, reporting and data collection on African agriculture and food technologies (agrifoodtech) to a global audience in the hope of building a cohesive African agribusiness ecosystem by bringing more investment to the sector and driving adoption of promising technologies across the continent.

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