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Policies and position statements

We invest with the goal of having broad economic, social, environmental and governance impact in our clients’ countries.

Since 1970, we offer capital, knowledge and networks to companies and financial institutions in developing countries. Over the years, we have gained much experience on how to best support our clients, both the ones that are frontrunners in sustainable business, as well as the ones that might need some extra push in order to improve their impact. We see this as a continuous process and aim to constantly improve our own and our clients’ processes, activities and output to make this world a better place.

In this section you read more about the criteria, policies and position statements consistent with our mandate as a development bank that guide our investment process.

Responsible investing

We work with general investment criteria  to ensure that our investment operations are in compliance with our objective and consistent with the current policy of the Dutch Government on development cooperation. We test all of our investments against the following dimensions of development impact: 

  • Financial additionality:

    FMO offers financial services to the extent that the commercial market does not or does not sufficiently provide them, or which are only offered by the commercial market on terms that do not fit in a solid business model.

  • ESG additionality:

    FMO – at customer level - contributes to higher environmental, social and governance standards, beyond those customary in the commercial local market, thereby aiming for a transformation effect.

  • Mobilizing role: maximizing the flow of finance to FMO’s client(s) by mobilizing third-party funds.

Responsible investing statements

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Sustainability Policy

Our Sustainability Policy guides our contribution to sustainable development and is in line with our vision of a world in 2050 where over 9 billion people can live well and within the limits of our planet.

It is the leading document in the FMO Sustainable Policy Universe and guides all of FMO’s actions. The policy should be read in conjunction with 'Implementing the Sustainability Policy'. This document frames specific dilemma’s for FMO. We operate in market-circumstances that require an adaptive and realistic approach to supporting the transition to a sustainable global economy. 

FMO supports its ambitions by setting ambitious targets and goals, by having in place expert teams in the field of Environmental, Social and Governance risk management and through closely consulting with its stakeholders. FMO provides an annual and integrated report; integrating finance and sustainability.

Sustainability Policy

Position Statements

Position statements are an integral part of the FMO Sustainability Policy framework that steers FMO’s activities. The statements explain FMO’s choices in relation to major global sustainability issues and further explain how we select investments, work with clients and other stakeholders, and monitor performance.

The position statements apply on the date indicated on the document and not retrospectively. They reflect our objective to apply the highest possible standard of ethics and integrity to our business activities.

Position Statements