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Who is our client

EagleSensing is a Dutch startup. The company provides farm management support by taking images from planes, satellites and drones gathering data on crops, soil, irrigation, diseases, clever data processing and using an algorithm to be able to provide useful advice to farmers.

Funding objective

Eaglesensing is developing a remote monitoring platform to have insights into agricultural practices of small-scale farmers. This overcomes the issue of travel restrictions due to COVID-19 and allows for businesses continuation and decision-making. Through this remote monitoring system, customers will get a view on, and information on what happens on the ground. In addition, Eaglesensing and Wageningen University specialists provide remote advice.

Why we fund this project

FMO is funding this project as part of the Emergency Grant Facility, a support facility that was launched to help FMO’s clients and investees to battle the negative effects of COVID-19 on their business, staff and surrounding communities. EagleSensing was one of the winners of FMO’s Finture Solutions challenge 2019, a challenge aimed at scaling start-up businesses that have a positive impact in emerging markets. By providing this emergency grant to Eaglesensing, FMO stimulates the development of innovate solutions during COVID-19 times. The remote monitoring platform allows for business continuation and overcomes the challenge of not being able to travel.

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8/29/2019 EUR 0.13 MLN
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