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Who is our client

EagleSensing is a Dutch startup. The company provides farm management support by taking images from planes, satellites and drones, gathering data on crops, soil, irrigation and diseases. Using clever data processing and an algorithm, useful advice is being provided to farmers.

Funding objective

The funding will be used to expand the business.

Why we fund this project

EagleSensing is one of the winners of FMO’s Finture Solutions challenge 2019. Finture Solutions aims to scale start-up businesses that have a positive impact in emerging markets. Eaglesensing has a quantifiable impact on food security and loss prevention through disease mitigation, production optimization and reduced input use in agriculture, and; Eaglesensing strives be a key partner for (non-)governmental monitoring and compliance efforts aimed at sustainable production practices and accessibility of remote sensing technologies to smallholder producers in emerging markets.

Environmental and social rationale

E&S category is B. IFC PS 1-4, and 6-8 are triggered. Eaglesensing can mitigate the potential risks regarding noise pollution from UAVs, air emissions from aircrafts, potential distress to animals caused by UAVs, potential occupational and community safety incidents. Eaglesensing will adhere to proper FPIC, especially in indigenous communities and respect data protection regulations in countries where it operates. Full adherence to IFC PS, WBG EHS Guidelines, EASA regulation (EU)2019/947 and EU (2019/945) on operation of UAS, is expected. An internal Environmental and Social Action Plan (ESAP) is being developed by Eaglesensing and progress on implementing the ESAP will be communicated in quarterly project reports to FMO.

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