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Capacity Development

To strengthen your organizational capabilities, we have a Capacity Development Program to promote and facilitate transfer of knowledge and skills.

We understand it takes more than finance to build a profitable and sustainable business for the long-run. To support the growth of your business in a financially, environmentally and socially sustainable way, we can offer you capacity development. 

How it works

Under the Capacity Development Program, we contribute to the cost of hiring external consultants, trainers and experts to facilitate the knowledge transfer and provision of technical expertise that you indicate a need for. It takes the form of grant-based co-financing of up to 50% of the project costs, with our client financing the balance.

Focus areas

  • Gender equality
    We facilitate clients to unlock inclusive business opportunities by building awareness of and investing in women.
  • Governance and risk management
    We support companies to reduce risks by improving governance, implementing appropriate risk management frameworks and through enhancing management information systems to aid decision making.
  • Green
    We enable clients to enhance their green and sustainability credentials, for example through the development of green finance products.
  • Environmental & Social Risk Management
    We support clients to identify, manage and mitigate Enviromental & Social related risks, and enable our financial sector clients to improve portfolio quality.