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FMO believes that long-term profit and viability must go hand in hand with enduring economic and social impact.

We invest with the motive that ESG – sustainable environmental, social and governance business practices – are the solution in a world facing a surging population and increased consumption. 

And we team up with clients and partners willing to share this vision.

Strategies for sustainable business

Businesses incorporating sustainable environmental, social and governance best practices enjoy stronger financial results and long-term viability. The Strategies for Sustainable Business client cases draw on direct experience of our clients - demonstrating how improvements to sustainability performance and financial returns go hand-in-hand. Please read them here

In addition to incorporating ESG best practice standards into our investments, we also set an ambitious goal for 2020: to double impact and halve footprint. We will do this by looking at the opportunity side of sustainability to focus more on green and inclusive investments in our portfolio.