Stakeholder engagement


Stakeholder Engagement

We actively engage with our stakeholders to improve our decision-making and accountability.

Our clients, the State of the Netherlands, shareholders, employees, investors, NGOs, supervisors and regulators are among our most important stakeholders.

Engagement can take various forms, from day-to-day, business-as-usual engagement to more strategic and planned engagements, such as regular meetings, surveys, forums and stakeholder dialogues.

Local stakeholders

As a development bank, we are sensitive of the social circumstances and environment in which we are active. The companies and projects we invest in have an important impact on local communities and society at large. Therefore, we integrate stakeholder considerations and information, based on a meaningful consultation with stakeholders (including affected communities, in line with the IFC Performance Standards), in investment and we monitor if decisions will further contribute to the quality and positive impact of FMO’s investments, as well as ensure community support. This is also described in our sustainability policy.

We have implemented an early disclosure of potential investments mechanism that allows interested parties to provide feedback on the environmental, social and governance aspects of our projects before contracting. We publish early disclosure of potential investments on our world map.

Public consultations

We invite stakeholders to give their views on new policies and position statements that guide our investment process and decision-making. For example, in 2016, we developed a comprehensive sustainability policy, taking into account more than 300 comments from various parties from society, government and clients. We are active participants in a number of multi-stakeholder dialogues and the Dutch Banking Sector Agreement.

Complaints mechanism

Together with DEG, Deutsche Investitions- und Entwicklungsgesellschaft mbH and the French Development Finance Institution Proparco, we have an independent complaints mechanism for project-related complaints. General complaints are handled by our Complaints Office.

We also have a Speak up policy that provides a platform for FMO (temporary) employees and any party with whom FMO has or has had some type of relationship (such as business partners, suppliers, shareholders, customers) to raise a concern about possible misconduct within FMO or its subsidiaries.