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Who is our customer

Methys Consulting (PTY) LTD as the entity that created and is operating AfricArena. FMO’s support will focus on AfricArena and its mission to bring together tech start-ups, corporations, and investors (i.e. angel investors, venture capitalist (VCs), and other institutional investors) to foster co-investment and collaboration that can move the economies and people of the continent forward.

What is our funding objective?

To partner with AfricArena, as a key venture capital (VC) ecosystem builder for Africa, on their flagship events across the continent, particularly the Unconferences, plus support them on two programs related to the convenings, AfricArise and the Digital Collective Africa, that help ventures in scaling and drives collaboration on key issues to advance the nascent VC industry across Africa.

Why do we fund this investment?

To help AfricArena in its ongoing efforts to build the Africa early-stage venture capital (VC) industry and strengthen the entrepreneurial ecosystem in Africa while providing FMO to engage in meaningful conversation with fellow investors, founders and other key stakeholders in the tech startup VC ecosystem in Africa.

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