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Who is our client

VC4A is registered in the Netherlands operating as a social venture with a leading platform supporting a global community of entrepreneurs, mentors, investors and business professionals building companies on the African continent since 2007. While their primary focus is on the African continent, VC4A supports entrepreneurship in other regions and now has a membership in 159 countries worldwide. The organization focuses on linking entrepreneurs to opportunities for development and growth, especially for those that do not have equal access and/or would stand to benefit from better access to resources, networks, knowledge and capital.

Funding objective

FMO has partnered with VC4A to work with local partners across Africa to create a more efficient network of support for early-stage ventures. VC4A will work with incubators, accelerators, and other entrepreneur support organizations, along with investors, mentors, corporates, and more, to further develop and streamline the pipeline of startup opportunities in Ghana, Morocco and Tanzania. Ultimately, this will help increase investment flows into startups from these countries and strengthen nascent venture capital ecosystems.

Why we fund this project

This project is funded through the Entrepreneurial Ecosystem Building component of the FMO Ventures Program Technical Assistance Facility, co-funded by the Dutch Government and the European Union. This component seeks to foster the maturity of the venture capital sector in targeted emerging markets by improving services of incubators, accelerators and other entrepreneurial support organizations, as well as enabling more early-stage financing for ventures.

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