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Who is our client

The contracting entities are BRAC Microfinance Sierra Leone Limited (BMSL) and BRAC Liberia Microfinance Company Limited (BML), wholly owned subsidiaries of BRAC International Holdings BV, which operate in microfinance. In 2008, BRAC started its microfinance activities in both Sierra Leone and Liberia. As of July 2019, BMSL has reached over 49,000 clients and BML 36,000 with their two main products: individual microloans for women delivered through groups, and enterprise loans targeting both male and female small-scale entrepreneurs.

Funding objective

In this project, an in-depth market analysis will be conducted and client-centric products and services will be developed. The project has two main goals: i) to have a deeper understanding of economic activities and financial needs of smallholder farmers in Sierra Leone and Liberia, and ii) to diversify the product offerings in the two countries to address the specific needs of the smallholder farmers, especially female farmers in these countries.

Why we fund this project

The development of financial products and delivery models for smallholder farmers (mainly women) is key in the context of reducing rural poverty, improving food security and supporting economic development. It is expected that interesting learnings can be derived from this project about smallholder financing. In addition, the project is well aligned with MASSIF's impact priorities and contributes to FMO’s Gender finance strategy as the main target for this project are women.

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