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Who is our client

SFA FZE is a branch company of the Sustainable Finance Advisory and provides advisory, facilitation, consulting and training services to companies around the globe. Its focus is on supporting these entities to develop and deliver at the individual or sector level strategies that drive meaningful outcomes, balancing profits with issues relating to sustainability (i.e. environmental, social, governance “ESG”), climate change and gender. FMO will partner with SFA FZE, and the beneficiaries of this project will be a range of stakeholders in the climate change and gender space in Africa, including investment, local private sector stakeholders, civil society and women leaders of the business community as well as those carrying traditional knowledge.

Funding objective

“The Rallying Cry: Catalysing Action on Climate Change and Gender in Africa” (the project) is a private sector-led initiative to surface and enhance the unique and critical role that women have to play in contributing to climate solutions. It consists of an inclusive, purpose-driven eco-system approach at the intersection of climate change and gender to allow for a wider, diverse range of voices to be heard. It will uncover new business initiatives and engage a wider range of stakeholders as a model for change. The project will draw on collective wisdom, both past and present, to uncover technological and business innovations to create an investment and advocacy pathway toward a more sustainable future. FMO will initially support Phase I of this project to prove the concept.

Why we fund this project

This project is an opportunity for FMO, the international development finance community and private sector to catalyse, identify and support gender-smart climate solutions on the African continent.

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