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Who is our client

Agrofertil S.A is an agricultural inputs distributor covering the entire soybean producing area of Paraguay.

Funding objective

The project attends to three key aspects of the fight against COVID-19: (i) strengthening care in health centres, Agrofertil branch offices and silos, as well as in more remote areas through cooperation on inputs and biosafety elements, (ii) the implementation of an awareness campaign on preventive measures against COVID-19, and (iii) technical assistance for 90 families and their orchards for food self-sustenance.

Why we fund this project

With this COVID-19 Emergency Grant Facility the expected impact is the decrease in the risks related to the spread of the virus through higher awareness of employees and the community. In addition, FMO will support food security for the most vulnerable sectors through the production of food in a sustainable way.

More investments

Date Total FMO financing
6/26/2020 EUR 15.00 MLN
6/26/2020 EUR 18.00 MLN
12/5/2019 EUR 0.06 MLN
10/28/2016 USD 10.00 MLN
Latin America & The Caribbean
Agribusiness, Food & Water
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Total FMO financing
EUR 0.07 MLN
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