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Who is our client

OJSC Hamkorbank (HB) (founded in 1991, FMO client since 2012) is one of the two leading private commercial banks in Uzbekistan. HB is a universal bank offering a wide spectrum of banking services. Clientele comprises SMEs (53%), corporates (33%) and individuals (14%). HB has around 2,000 employees and a country-wide branch network of 35 branches, and 160 outlets (mini-banks).

Funding objective

The objective of the CD project is for a consultant to review Hamkorbankā€™s Environmental and Social Management System against IFC Performance Standards (in particular IFC PS 1 and IFC PS 2), applicable local, national and international legislation, ILO Conventions signed and ratified by Uzbekistan, FMO Investment criteria and international standards.

Why we fund this project

Through this project, FMO supports Hamkorbank in improving better working practices and the human rights situation in Uzbekistan.

More investments

Date Total FMO financing
7/29/2021 USD 50.00 MLN
5/27/2020 USD 20.00 MLN
6/28/2019 USD 30.00 MLN
5/17/2019 USD 5.00 MLN
7/13/2016 USD 15.00 MLN
9/9/2014 UZS 21524.20 MLN
11/26/2013 USD 5.00 MLN
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EUR 0.01 MLN
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