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Who is our client

Terabank ranks number nine in the Georgian financial market, with 2.6% market share in gross loans and 3.2% share in deposits.

Funding objective

FMO concluded a bilateral senior unsecured loan facility in local currency (GEL) for an equivalent of USD 12.5mln with Terabank, which is to be financed by FMO. On-lending requirement will be for 10% to Georgian Women-led SMEs.

Why we fund this project

The proposed transaction is fully in line with FI ECA’s Georgia country strategy of increasing our impact in Georgia through growing our client base with selected second tier banks and larger MFIs that add to FMOs strategic goals. The loan will be in GEL, supporting local SME’s. Further 10% of the loan will be earmarked for Women in Business with a view to expand this portfolio over time.

More investments

Date Total FMO financing
5/10/2021 EUR 8.50 MLN
5/10/2021 GEL 34.00 MLN
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Signing date
Total FMO financing
USD 12.50 MLN
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