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Tigris Water Fund L.P.

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Who is our client

Tigris Asia Water Fund is a Private Equity Fund which targets investments mainly in water companies in infrastructure as well as other clean environment (renewable energy, energy efficiency and waste treatment) in Asia, (with China, India and Indonesia as key markets). Water infrastructure assets include water treatment plants, waste water treatment plants, water recycling plants and desalination and other related projects. The Sponsors of the Fund will be Odyssey Capital Pte Ltd and Macquarie Capital.

Funding objective

The Fund will primarily invest in industrial water, where political risks are lower and will generally avoid investing in water distribution companies to minimize political sensitivities and business risks associated with provision of certain basic utilities services such as water. The Fund aims to invest an aggregate of USD 10-30 million each in 10-20 portfolio companies, for significant minority stakes between 20-49 percent.

Why we fund this project

The Fund fits well into FMO requirements, and targets one of FMO's focus sectors and its investment strategy particularly focusses on the mid-market. The Fund has a high development impact as there is very limited activity of PE Fund in the water sector.

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Agribusiness, Food & Water
Signing date
Total FMO financing
USD 20.00 MLN
Risk categorization on environmental and social impacts, A = high risk, B+ = medium high risk, B = medium risk, C = low risk Environmental & Social Category
(A, B+, B or C)