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Who is our client

Komercijalna Banka is a universal bank in Serbia and among the leading banks in the financial sector, currently ranking No:2 by both assets and deposits, having 249 branches and 3,012 employees. The bank serves a diverse range of clients: 40% corporates, 22% SME and 28% retail. The bank's major shareholders are the Republic of Serbia holding 42.5% of the shares and EBRD with 25%. It's current market share in the Serbian financial sector is 10.8%.

Funding objective

Historically, Komercijalna Banka has funded its activities with retail and corporate deposits on the basis of its good standing in the Serbian financial sector. Since Serbia is virtually unserved by international commercial banks, Komercijalna Banka is depending on IFI's and DFI's for its long-term funding. FMO's funding will be used to stimulate the bank's SME lending activities significantly considering the fact that the bank's current SME portfolio represents 22% (EUR 350 million) of its total portfolio.

Why we fund this project

FMO's impact is mainly derived from the strong financial position and sound quality of the management of the Komercijalna Banka. In addition, impact is derived from the purpose of FMO's loan (SME), as SME's are an integral part of the bank's strategic market focus, and Serbian SME's are currently underdeveloped compared to SME's in the EU. The fact that there is still insufficient access to proper finance is one of the reasons for the underdeveloped position.

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