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Who is our client

Millstream Dairy SRL ('Millstream') is a start-up dairy farm with 230 milking cows in Goleni, Moldova. Millstream was established as an initiative of Dutch farmers with extensive experience in the dairy industry. The local partner in Moldova is a farmer with expert knowledge of the agricultural sector in Moldova. The farmer is Millstream’s supplier of contracting services and feed for the dairy farm, and also contributes to cultivation and storage at the farm.

Funding objective

The objective of Millstream is to serve the local market by supplying high quality milk, for which there is a large demand in Moldova. Millstream has a strong competitive advantage because of its ability to deliver the product year-round and at a competitive cost. The FOM credit facility was used for investments in stables, machinery, equipment and herd.

Why we fund this project

Millstream will provide a product that is in high demand and yet under-produced in Moldova. FMO’s involvement fills a gap in local financing, as there is no available long-term debt funding in the agricultural sector. In addition, the positive market prospects and the company's extensive knowledge of the dairy and agricultural industry made this an attractive investment for FMO.

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Europe & Central Asia
Moldova, Republic of
Agribusiness, Food & Water
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Total FMO financing
EUR 1.25 MLN
Fund Emerging Markets
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