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Who is our client

ACLEDA Bank Plc. became a fully operational Cambodian commercial bank in 2000. ACLEDA quickly emerged as the market leader by mainly serving micro and small enterprises. ACLEDA provides general banking services to microfinance and small- and medium-sized enterprises. As of year-end 2012, 47% of the loan portfolio was committed to micro clients and 53% to SMEs. ACLEDA has an academy center, which provides training programs to both the bank’s staff and external participants. The bank was also an important active party in the establishment of a credit bureau last year.

Funding objective

FMO will provide US$15 million with a 5-year tenor. FMO’s loan will be used to support the growth of ACLEDA’s MSME portfolio. Long-term capital is still scarce in Cambodia, and the loan will therefore also be provided to match the tenor of ACLEDA’s.

Why we fund this project

Through the investment in ACLEDA FMO will have have a strong impact on SME development and on the implementation of environmental and social guidelines. The deal fits well with the overall strategy of financing MSME banks and complements FMO's expsoure to the Cambodian microfinance sector. In addition, this transaction further strengthens the relationship with ACLEDA Group.

More investments

Date Total FMO financing
8/4/2015 USD 15.00 MLN
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Total FMO financing
USD 15.00 MLN
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