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Who is our client

Banco BCT is an SME relationship bank in Costa Rica, mainly active in financing trade and agribusiness, with an increasing focus on smaller SMEs. Banco BCT is the leading private bank in agribusiness, characterized by its in-depth customer knowledge, tailor-made products and excellent quality of its loan book.

Funding objective

FMO's financing will be used to fund renewable energy projects and SMEs in Costa Rica. Proparco, the French development bank, is also investing US$10 million in Banco BCT.

Why we fund this project

In Costa Rica, long-term funding is relatively scarce for small to medium sized renewable energy projects and SMEs. In addition, FMO is keen on supporting the agribusiness in Costa Rica through Banco BCT’s expertise. Furthermore, the cooperation with Proparco has made this transaction very efficient for Banco BCT, both in terms of time and financing. FMO will support the bank in the implementation of an environmental and social management system.

More investments

Date Total FMO financing
12/19/2019 EUR 0.01 MLN
11/29/2019 USD 7.50 MLN
Latin America & The Caribbean
Costa Rica
Financial Institutions
Signing date
Total FMO financing
USD 15.00 MLN
Risk categorization on environmental and social impacts, A = high risk, B+ = medium high risk, B = medium risk, C = low risk Environmental & Social Category
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