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Who is our client

Agro Care Projecten BV will construct and operate a greenhouse near Gabes in south Tunisia for the production of 'pomo dolce' tomatoes through their joint venture company, Desert Joy SARL. Desert Joy SARL is a joint initiative of firstly, the Dutch horticultural company Kwekerij Van Antwerpen-Van Veen BV ("Agro Care") which at present cultivates tomatoes in two locations in the Netherlands on an total area of approx. 72 ha. The second partner in Desert Joy SARL is the Tunisian business-partner Mr. Zarrouk, who has been cultivating various vegetables and fruits for more than 30 years.

Funding objective

The objective of the project is to set up a 7.5 hectare greenhouse complex according to high Dutch standards. Cultivating tomatoes in Tunisia has several advantages, including climatic conditions, availability of (hot) water that can be used for the heating of greenhouses and availability of appropriate energy infrastructure. The expansion in Tunisia strengthens Agro Care's international position as the demand for tomatoes, especially high quality and greater variety, is growing. The expansion in Tunisia with Desert Joy SARL provides Agro Care the opportunity to grow and deliver high quality tomatoes to their customers year round.

Why we fund this project

By providing Agro Care Projecten BV with financing, FOM contributes to food supply, export of Ducht horticultural best practices and techniques and safe and standardized working environments for employees (largely women). The project is highly innovative in terms of cultivation techniques and environmental and regional development. This project is furthermore being executed in close cooperation with the Private Sector Investment Program run by Agentschap NL.

Agribusiness, Food & Water
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Total FMO financing
EUR 4.60 MLN
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