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Who is our client

Soleq Holdings is a pan-Asian solar energy platform that will invest in solar assets in Thailand, Malaysia, Indonesia, Vietnam and the Philippines. The company will be managed by Equis Funds Group. FMO has committed USD20 million to Soleq. Together with Equis, DEG and another investor a total of USD185 million has been committed to Soleq.

Funding objective

Soleq has been set up to grow into a regional solar energy generating platform with a significant growth pipeline and a strong management team. To begin with, Soleq will acquire fully permitted pre-construction assets, and occasionally operational assets. The latter category would most likely only be acquired as part of a larger portfolio with some assets still to be constructed or under construction. Once Soleq has established itself as builder and operator of solar assets, Soleq may also commence developing its own pipeline. At this stage Soleq has acquired 10 solar photovoltaic (PV) assets totalling 72 MWac in Thailand, which are now under construction.

Why we fund this project

Soleq will be in a position to invest in a number of solar PV opportunities in its focus countries as a result of the combination of a strong capital base and a team with the required knowledge of and experience in the sector. For FMO Soleq presents an opportunity to increase impact and reduce footprint by investing in the construction and commissioning of solar PV - renewable energy - assets in developing Asia. See for more information.

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USD 20.00 MLN
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