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Who is our client

HFT Seedservices SA (HFT) has been active in Guatemala since 2010. At a height of 1,750 meters in the province of Jalapa, HFT produces hybrid vegetable seeds for its customers: renowned national and international vegetable seed refinement companies. HFT is able to produce seeds for its clients year-round, which it does in line with the strictest phytosanitary standards. The basis of HFT’s strategy is after all, Health, Flexibility and Trust - also to be found in the company name 'HFT'.

Funding objective

With the support of a EUR 4 million FOM credit facility, HFT will expand its business in Guatemala after its successful start in 2010. The expansion plan consists of the construction of extra greenhouses, all equipped with unique high-tech systems and developed by HFT itself.

Why we fund this project

HFT is a successful company with good market prospects. The investment will have a high development impact because the expansion will create 190 new jobs, mostly for women. Furthermore, HFT actively assists its employees in their personal development and offers medical care and schooling as well. HFT plans to add child care to these services in the future. FMO's additionality comes from the provision of long-term financing, which is not available locally.

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Latin America & The Caribbean
Agribusiness, Food & Water
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Total FMO financing
EUR 4.00 MLN
Fund Emerging Markets
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