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Who is our client

Koppert Beheer B.V. initially started as a cucumber grower in 1967. Today it is the international market leader in the field of biological crop protection and natural pollination. The family company is well known internationally for its reliability, innovation and the quality of its products. Koppert supplies to customers in 80 countries and employs approximately 1,000 people worldwide. It has research, sales and/or production facilities in, among others, England, Slovakia, Spain, Turkey, Mexico, Kenya, China and Brazil.

Funding objective

In 2012 FOM extended a loan facility to Koppert for the acquisition of a Brazilian firm. The present loan will be used for the acquisition of the majority stake in Koppert Turkey. Since the annual average global market growth is 15-20%, such an investment in upcoming markets is essential. In addition to buying extra shares, the loan will be used for improving and expanding Koppert Turkey's current facilities.

Why we fund this project

Koppert is a successful and reputable company with good market prospects, and the investment is in line with FMO's corporate strategy. Koppert's investment has high development impact because it brings with it a great deal of knowledge and technology transfer and job creation. FMO's funding is additional due to the lack of locally available long-term financing, and was also instrumental in attracting additional commercial financing.

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12/30/2016 EUR 1.50 MLN
5/25/2012 EUR 3.10 MLN
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EUR 1.40 MLN
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