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To complement our specialist knoweldge, expertise and networks, FMO often partners with selected banks, development finance institutions, private investors, business organizations, knowledge institutions and civil society.


FMO doesn’t just go for quick wins – we recognize that it takes time to build a sustainable business. And we take the same long-term approach when we team up with our global and local partners.

Together, we can reach out to frontier market enterprises with needed services, including:

  • Loans – sharing higher-risk transactions with commercial banks.
  • Private equity – co-investing with locally based fund managers, allowing them to provide risk capital to small- and mid-sized enterprises.
  • Expanded development finance - joining forces with other Development Finance Institutions to supplement our service range.

Local networks

We not only work closely with our global partners, we also tap into our local partners from our service regions – Africa, Asia, Europe & Central Asia and Latin America & the Caribbean.

These partners are a key link to local networks and market knowledge. They have strong and lasting local relationships themselves – and are the most suited to dealing directly with the economic, social and environmental conditions of their countries.

Combined with FMO’s broad, international network, we can work together to bring in the right players that will make things happen.

European Development Financial Institutions (EDFI)

FMO is a member of EDFI, an association of 15 bilateral institutions operating in developing and reforming economies mandated by their governments to foster growth in sustainable businesses, help reduce poverty and improve people's lives and contribute to achieving the Millennium Development Goals by promoting economically, environmentally and socially sustainable development through financing and investing in profitable private sector enterprises.

The association strives to strengthen information flow and cooperation between its members and other bilateral, multilateral and regional development finance institutions.

As finance is often the result of partnerships, clients have to adhere to each investor’s individual requirements. By working towards common standards, we can service our clients will have less paperwork and legal advisory fees.