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Energy Access portfolio

Offgrid energy companies play a critical role in delivering clean, affordable, reliable energy without the need for grid infrastructure.

  • Mawingu Networks


    Region: Africa

    Mawingu Networks focuses on last-mile connectivity in rural and peri-urban Kenya and throughout Africa. Mawingu uses its own infrastructure to connect to fiber optic cable grid of the large national Internet Service Providers and Mobile Network Operators. The company is therewith able to offer low-cost, reliable, data-unlimited, business, home, and public (through hotspots) internet services to last-mile.

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    This investment is part of the broader FMO ventures portfolio but not formally part of the FMO Ventures Program.

  • Easy Solar


    Country: Sierra Leone and Liberia

    Easy Solar is an innovative distribution company making energy and financial services affordable and accessible for those with limited access to power. The company offers a wide range of energy solutions from small solar lanterns for lighting and mobile charging, to pico solar home systems with appliances like TVs and fans, all the way up to kW sized systems designed for residential, commercial and industrial users. 

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  • ZIZ Energie


    Country: Chad

    ZIZ Energie is a privately-owned integrated power company in Chad. ZIZ provides energy access to Africa’s 5th-largest and world 5th least developed country, which currently has just a 10% electrification rate. The company was established in 2006 by Chadian electrician, Ibrahim Zakaria, starting off as a rural and urban electrification EPC company. The company quickly diversified into electrical equipment distribution, EPC and energy services for C&I clients and became an off-grid utility in 5 secondary cities in Chad.

    This investment is part of the broader FMO ventures portfolio but not formally part of the FMO Ventures Program.

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  • SolarX


    Region: Africa

    SolarX is a commercial and industrial solar rooftop business active in Mali, Burkina Faso, Senegal, and Cote d'Ivoire offering affordable, clean, and reliable solar power assets with attractive economics to customers that rely on high-cost diesel-powered generation sets and/or unreliable grid. Through its services, Solar X demonstrates the potential of being a frontrunner on reducing inequalities by providing access to energy in a significantly underserved region where electrification rates are low, i.e. Mali (18%) and Burkina Faso (20%).

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  • Okra Solar


    Region: Sub-Saharan Africa


    Okra is developing and selling cutting-edge off-grid energy technology, called mesh grids, energizing last-mile communities in emerging markets. Okra’s innovative mesh grid solutions enable households and small businesses in rural communities to share energy; hence, providing an asset-light solution for high-quality access to energy to solve the remote electrification problem. Okra’s key target markets are Nigeria and Haiti with the plan to scale further in Sub-Saharan Africa.

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