Who we are

We are the Dutch development bank. We support sustainable private sector growth in developing and emerging markets by investing in businesses, projects and financial institutions.

FMO was founded in 1970 and is a public-private partnership, with 51% of our shares held by the Dutch State and 49% held by commercial banks, trade unions and other members of the private sector. FMO has a triple A rating from both Fitch and Standard & Poor’s.


We believe in a world where, in 2050, more than nine billion people live well and within the means of the planet's resources.


In pursuit of this vision, FMO's mission is to empower entrepreneurs to build this better world. To that end, FMO invests in businesses, projects and financial institutions, by providing capital, knowledge and networks to support sustainable growth. We do this with the ultimate goal of empowering people to apply their skills and improve their own quality of life.


In light of our vision and mission, we have defined our strategy to become the leading impact investor by doubling impact and halving footprint by 2020. It is our ambition to double the impact and halve the footprint by doubling the number of expected direct and indirect jobs supported as well as doubling the amount of expected Greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions avoided per annum. These goals are measured in our annual new investments between the 2010-2012 baseline period and the 2018-2020 endline period.

We steer our organization in an integrated manner to reach our financial, impact and footprint objectives. In maintaining and further growing our capital base, financial objectives are a prerequisite for impact creation in the future. And our impact and footprint objectives serve to steer our business to high impact opportunities.

Corporate culture and values

FMO is active in an international environment and is aware of the importance of being open to the needs and wishes of each stakeholder, while taking into account its own integrity and social responsibility. FMO strives for a flawless reputation for integrity. Accordingly, we expect all employees, irrespective of their position, to behave beyond reproach. They should act, and in certain cases refrain from acting, fully as FMO expects a good employee to do.We have created an open culture based on respect, integrity and social responsibility. Our employees are engaged, want to make a difference and cooperate to create excellence.


We believe in the value of diversity. By nurturing diversity in our organization we invite different perspectives and approaches to our work, which contribute to improving our performance. We focus on diversity of competencies, gender, nationalities and ages.