Our People

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Our People

FMO is made up of hundreds of colleagues from all corners of the globe. Here's a small sneak peek into just some of our colleagues who make up the organization.

Young FMO

Faustino Ruiz Bolance, Senior KYC Analyst | Private Equity

Bachelor’s in art history and a Master’s in Education

Before FMO: 

I first started my career as a customer service representative, and later as an onboarding specialist at bunq (a Dutch fintech) where I learned the basics of KYC, among many other things. I then moved to TMF Group to do KYC as a service as part of their global services for an array of clients. Finally, I landed at FMO, where I could apply all that experience to support our investment teams in making a real impact around the world!

Fun Fact:

I really dislike cold foods. It's not like I have sensitive teeth or anything, but I just can't deal with them. I let ice cream melt before I eat it!

What do you enjoy about FMO?

Perhaps what I enjoy the most about working at FMO is its diverse environment. It is within the unique combination of professionals, driven by the common goal of ultimately making an impact, that I feel myself thriving.



Olivia Duffin, Legal Officer 

University Degree in Opera & Violin; LLB from City University in London  International Economic Law; obtaining a Master's in Public International Law at Leiden

Before FMO: 

I worked at Pogust Goodhead as a paralegal for one year, before being promoted to Corporate Affairs Officer. I also studied her LLM, where I was the student representative for the program full time around my previous position as well as around my current role as legal officer in the Corporate Legal & Tax department at FMO.

Fun Fact:

I love bees and founded a Bee Society at City University!

What do you like about FMO?

The thing I love most about working at FMO is that everyone has a voice, regardless of seniority or department; we have numerous ways to share our ideas and the management make serious efforts to hear all of them. That’s what makes it such a great place to start your career, as we can all learn from each other.



Javi Fernandez Gonzalez, KYC Analyst | Private Equity

University degree in Psychology

Before FMO:

8 years combined of KYC experience in Amazon (Cork), Citibank (Dublin), Citco Fund Services (Amsterdam) and now FMO.

Fun Fact: 

My sense of orientation is so bad that once, in Cuba, I got lost and had to wait until my group of friends found out I was not there. One of them came back to the town square where we were last together, only for me to find out that our accommodation was 10 meters from the spot where I patiently waited like a little kid to be picked up by a familiar face!

What do you like about FMO?

It's quite evident that FMO’s role in today’s world is quite important, and I have the feeling that the work that is being done has a positive impact on many people’s lives. Also, the attention to employee’s wellbeing has become an undeniably key factor for the company, and this is heavily felt by us in a very positive way.

Leadership in FMO


Erik Smeets, Manager Special Operations

University degree in International Economics

Career Path at FMO:

I started as a credit analyst at a commercial bank and joined FMO in the same role in 2022. After being a senior investment officer in Financial Institutions and a portfolio manager at FIM, I joined SO as one of their managers in 2022.

Fun Fact: 

I enjoy sports and spending time with family… and I really loves Croky Bolognese chips.

What makes FMO unique? How can we keep it that way?

Throughout the organization of FMO we are all committed to our vision, mission, and strategy. An organization like FMO draws people who are intrinsically engaged with its goals. FMO employees deserve our trust and if we manage to create and keep a feeling of belonging for every employee, FMO as a whole will prosper.