news - Joost Oorthuizen appointed CEO of Invest International


Joost Oorthuizen appointed CEO of Invest International

September 14, 2020

The Hague, 11 September 2020 - Joost Oorthuizen will become Chief Executive Officer of Invest International. Ineke Bussemaker will fulfil the role of chairman of the Supervisory Board. Both will take up office in mid-October 2020, in temporary positions during the build-up phase until the proposed law is confirmed by the Dutch Parliament.

Invest International is a new investment institution to be established next to Invest NL. Ministers Hoekstra of Finance and Kaag of Foreign Trade and Development Cooperation announced this to the House of Representatives today.

Invest International will be a new state owned company in which the government and development bank FMO will become shareholders. In addition to the market, it will help the Dutch business community to develop and finance projects abroad via a one-stop shop. For example, Invest International will support Dutch entrepreneurs to develop their promising ideas into financeable projects. This contributes to the Dutch economy and to solutions for global challenges. A number of existing government programmes that are now being implemented by the Netherlands Enterprise Agency will be transferred to Invest-International.

Oorthuizen and Bussemaker wil start mid-October, in order to make a good start as soon as the company  can officially commence. For Bussemaker this is an ancillary position, she is dean of the Faculty of Business and Economics at the Amsterdam University of Applied Science.

On behalf of FMO, CIO Linda Broekhuizen indicates that FMO is pleased with both appointments. "Two leaders were found who bring on board knowledge and experience in corporate financial services as well as in setting up a new company and creating impact in emerging economies. As FMO, we we are happy to support and share our knowledge and expertise in the field of impact investing in emerging economies in the interest of our shareholders and our customers.’’

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