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Podcast: New Business Radio on Finture Solutions

April 25, 2019

FMO NL Business colleagues Erwin Boon and Noortje Magis were guests in New Business Radio show Let's Talk Business together with Freerk Bisschop from startup accelerator Rockstart to talk about Finture Solutions.

Finture Solutions is a competition for startups with five prizes of €125,000 each, to further develop their product offering and scale their operations in emerging markets. The challenge is open for innovative startups and scaleups registered in the Netherlands that operate in the fields of AgriFood, Renewable Energy, and Water. Applications will stay open from April 2nd until May 19th.

Noortje Magis explains what participants of this competition can do with the prize money of €125.000: “Startups and scaleups need to go through a lot of different and capital intensive phases in order to grow; they need to test their products, expand their business to new markets and hire good people to realize their ambitions. If you really want to launch a good business, you need to test and try out your products; that just requires a lot of money.”

In addition to the development capital, the winners will receive support from FMO experts to grow their business.

Finture Solutions is a collaborative effort by the NL Business activities of FMO and Rockstart, one of Europe's first startup accelerators. Together, the two companies will find and support Dutch startups that bring a positive change in the emerging markets across the world, be it with innovative farming solutions, energy products, or water management know-how.

Listen to the full broadcast (in Dutch) here:

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