news - FMO Annual Report 2018 ranks 14th in the Transparency Benchmark


FMO Annual Report 2018 ranks 14th in the Transparency Benchmark

November 29, 2019

FMO was ranked 14th in this year's Transparency Benchmark. The Transparency Benchmark is a biennial study organized by the Ministry of Economic Affairs and Climate Policy. This study is held amongst the largest companies in the Netherlands and aims to measure their transparency in reporting on corporate social responsibility.

FMO aspires to report about its performance, the impact we have as an organization as well as our dilemmas in the most transparent way possible - both from a financial as well as a non-financial point of view. The jury complimented FMO on a clear and concise annual report. They stated the report was clear on the opportunities and risks from our external environment, our vision and our strategy as well as our policies, objectives and performance in relation to our material topics. We can improve on the representation of our value creation model and how we manage the value chain. The following report will cover such matters in more detail.

Dietske Simons, Manager Impact Measurement and Integrated Reporting at FMO: "We continuously improve our impact measurement to better understand our impact and the progress we make on our goals, both positive and negative. Being transparent about this is important to foster an open dialogue about dilemmas within the organization, with clients and with stakeholders. In this year's report we will provide a higher degree of transparency on the Environmental, Social and Governance (ESG) risks in our portfolio and how we work with our clients on managing these risks".

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