news - FMO seeks to exit Agua Zarca


FMO seeks to exit Agua Zarca

May 9, 2016

Recently, several people were arrested in Honduras as part of the investigation into the murder of Berta Cáceres, a well-respected human rights activist.

Following the murder, FMO called upon the Honduran authorities for a thorough investigation and to hold those responsible to account. In addition, FMO temporarily suspended its activities in Honduras.

FMO is deeply concerned by the fact that charges have been brought against an employee of the Honduran company DESA (the developer of the Agua Zarca project). FMO will withdraw from the project if a credible connection between one of our clients and an act of murder were to be established. FMO stands for respect for human rights and condemns all kinds of violence and does not tolerate illegal conduct.

FMO is seeking official confirmation and additional information from the Honduran authorities about the arrests and the course of judicial proceedings. We have confirmed to our client DESA that this implies that the suspension of disbursements will continue and, while keeping in mind that charges are not convictions, there is a need for FMO to seek a responsible and legal exit from the project.

We are preparing a mission of independent experts to travel to Honduras to make a thorough assessment of the situation and draw lessons learned for FMO. The mission will consider the interests of the local communities and analyze how an exit could take place responsibly.

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