news - FMO invests USD 30 million in Frontclear


FMO invests USD 30 million in Frontclear

February 13, 2017

FMO committed USD 30 million in the senior capital tranche of the Amsterdam based financial markets development company Frontclear.

The investment represents a significant increase in the risk capital of Frontclear and allows Frontclear to extend its efforts to support the development of more inclusive and more liquid interbank markets in emerging and frontier economies. FMO’s investment is further testimony to the value of Frontclear’s development mandate.

“FMO is a leader in the global financial markets development agenda and the investment by FMO allows us to begin scaling our operations and deliver on our projected growth path of our financial guarantee portfolio,” says Philip Buyskes, CEO of Frontclear. “We are thus very pleased to welcome FMO to Frontclear and look forward to building a long term partnership in the areas of capital market development of emerging and frontier economies.”

“The innovative proposition of Frontclear is stimulating capital markets development in the geographies we are active in. FMO is very pleased to be able to contribute to Frontclear’s mission of supporting economic development globally by catalysing the establishment of more stable and inclusive financial markets in emerging and frontier markets”, added Huib-Jan de Ruijter, Director Financial Institutions of FMO.

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