news - Memorandum of Understanding between FMO and NWP


Memorandum of Understanding between FMO and NWP

November 3, 2017

On 1 November 2017, a Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) was signed between Netherlands Water Partnerships (NWP) and the Dutch development bank FMO. This agreement seeks to formalise the partnership between FMO and NWP, because the recently intensified collaboration between FMO and NWP has demonstrated a vast complementarity in the field of development of water initiatives.

Develop at least 2 water initiatives

The MoU is for a duration of one year and aims to develop at least 2 water initiatives, from project development to financial close stage. Hereby the role of NWP is to mobilize the Dutch water sector around a specific international water initiative and for FMO to develop and structure that specific initiative in a way that it becomes attractive for different financial partners.

Aart Mulder, Manager Partnerships for Development within FMO commented: "Working together with NWP means that we are able to fulfil one of our key objectives, increasing our impact through partnerships and leveraging these partnerships to mobilize more capital and catalyze investments in frontier markets. The Dutch Desk (NLB) of FMO is dedicated facilitating tailor-made finance structures for Dutch business, including water stakeholders. The MoU is a perfect fit for this and we look forward to sourcing projects together that have great potential to make a difference in the field of sustanaible water solutions."

Lennart Silvis, Managing Director Netherlands Water Partnership: "Combining the roles of FMO and NWP increases the ability of the Dutch water sector to implement water initiatives internationally. The role that the Netherlands fulfils in the world as a centre of excellence for water is intensively strengthened by adding finance to Dutch water expertise. This MoU is an important step in that direction."

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