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Learning, convening and influencing platform

Building and deepening expertise in financing forests and sustainable land use

As part of the MFF program, FMO have contracted the Palladium Group to deliver a 'learning, convening and influencing platform' (LCIP). Palladium are partnering with Systemiq to deliver this service.

The LCIP aims to increase the scale, in terms of size and impact, of investments in forests, sustainable land use (FSLU) and nature. The LCIP will do this by;

  1. Gathering lessons from the different types of business and investment models tested and invested in by MFF
  2. Convening investors, project developers and companies, and stakeholders working to improve the enabling conditions within the forestry landscape via catalytic learning events and Communities of Practice (CoPs)
  3. Influencing investors (and others) through the dissemination of compelling knowledge products and tools such as proven MFF blueprints, case studies, research and learning briefs.

Target stakeholders

To help achieve these aims, the LCIP will seek to engage key stakeholders working or wishing to work in the forests and sustainable land use area and to understand and respond to their learning, knowledge and information needs. The LCIP are engaging stakeholders from the following groups – in approximate order of priority;

  • Institutional investors
  • Development Finance Institutions (DFIs) and Multilateral Development Banks (MDBs)
  • Impact fund managers and forestry asset managers
  • Donors and philanthropic sources of finance
  • Project developers

LCIP areas of focus for the coming six months

Through stakeholder consultation and research, 6 core learning theme categories have been identified;

  • Delivering accountability, reporting and transparency.
  • Operationalising FSLU.
  • Produce, protect, restore and include business and investment models.
  • Understanding the opportunities and challenges of investing in FSLU.
  • Blending finance for FSLU.
  • Mobilising and accessing investment.

Over the coming six months work will focus on continuing stakeholder consultation and delivering several high impact knowledge products and convening events.