Jorim Schraven

As someone who values personal growth, I truly enjoy FMO’s options to rotate within the organisation

I joined FMO in 2008 and have seen many different departments within the organization.

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Jorim SchravenDirector Strategy

I started on FMO’s business side as Investment Officer and became Manager of the Financial Institutions Africa department in 2009. This department is responsible for financing the Financial Sector in Africa as well as for providing Capacity Development assistance. Later on, I took on the role as Manager of the Credit Department and Chairman of the Investment Committee to assess FMO’s investments and to decide whether or not these investments would fit FMO’s mission and goals.

Today, I am Director of the Strategy Department, where we support the organisation in setting a long-term strategy. The department supports the organization in executing on the strategy through strategic planning & control, policy making and impact measurement. Through daily internal and external communication we ensure our plans are client focused and stakeholder responsive. As someone who values personal growth and excellence, I truly enjoy FMO’s options to rotate within the organization and be able to develop in new positions. Having seen different parts of the organization has definitely broadened my perspective and understanding of the inner workings of FMO, which is essential for making good decisions.

I enjoy working in a professional environment and to use my finance skills to help make the world a better place. After having worked as an economist and an equity analyst, where your impact is quite indirect, I wanted to work in an institution that directly benefits clients and investees and with them helps to alleviate poverty and brings about sustainable business models.

Current priorities for myself and my team are to help FMO on a daily basis to take integrated decisions that are stakeholder responsive, meet the needs of our clients and marry good financial results with solid development impact and sustainable business practices.

I love the fact that everybody’s commitment here at FMO is incredibly high. It’s great to work with people who have a spark in their eyes; we really care about what we do.