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Investing for impact and return...

FMO is a triple-A bank with 50 years of experience investing in the private sector in emerging and frontier markets.

As a development bank we know that even the world’s most underdeveloped regions offer significant opportunities for business and investment. We reach out to those underserved markets and encourage the growth of responsible and profitable businesses in key sectors for development.

We actively challenge the businesses we invest in to meet high international standards with regard to the welfare of people, business integrity and the environment. By investing in their businesses in this manner, we enable them to operate and grow sustainably for the long term, creating jobs and generating taxes that strengthen local communities and economies. Such positive changes are a rich source of financial returns.

FMO contributes to the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) as part of its core business. We seek opportunities to help investors fund projects that contribute to the SDGs, forging new partnerships for positive change and enhancing the impact of our and others’ activities.

Thanks to our vast experience and long track record, we can offer investors the comfort to invest with us. We comply with internationally-accepted banking standards and are supervised by the Dutch Central Bank (DNB).

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Investing & Funding

Institutional investors can participate in our syndicated loans and invest in our bonds; FMO Investment Management provides access to FMO’s sustainable investing expertise and dealflow through investment funds.

  • FMO Investment Management


    If you wish to use your capital to drive impact and returns, visit the website of our subsidiary FMO Investment Management. They are an independently licensed investment firm for professional investors. At FMO Investment Management investors' appetite is matched with FMO's experience and deal flow.

    FMO Investment Management

  • Syndications


    As part of our mission we strive to mobilize more capital from commercial and institutional investors to our markets.

    We partner with commercial banks, impact investors, institutional investors and development finance institutions to finance loans via our A/B loan program or other co-financing arrangements.

    A/B loan program

  • Funding

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    FMO funds itself in public markets and through private placements aiming for diversification in markets, geography, investor types and tenor of its funding.

    The Dutch State guarantees FMO’s bonds via an explicit issuer guarantee.

    Investor Relations

    Funding Programs

    Green Social Sustainability Bonds 

  • Public Investment Management

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    We manage several public funds which we invest in higher-risk projects that promise substantial development impact. 

    Access to Energy Fund

    Building Prospects

    Dutch Fund for Climate and Development

    MASSIF, the Financial Inclusion Fund

    Mobilising Finance for Forests


    FMO Ventures Program

    Funds managed by EDFI Management Company, an asset management company established by the 15 European DFIs



  • Market Creation

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    Market creation activities are aimed at progressing promising projects and businesses in high-impact but hard-to-reach markets and sectors towards bankable opportunities for development finance institutions (DFIs) and other impact investors. By zooming in on the key requirements needed to become bankable and addressing these, market creation can unlock many impactful bankable investment opportunities.

    Market Creation