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Gaby Streeder
Talent Acquisition Officer

"FMO is a great place to work! After having worked for more than twenty-five years in recruitment in the financial industry, I am happy to work for the Dutch Development bank. I started as an external employee, enjoyed it a lot and was asked to stay. FMO’s mission is inspiring and the colleagues with whom I work closely give me lots of energy.

Currently I am responsible for the recruitment of non-Front Office positions and the NL Business department. Sometimes challenging, but also very rewarding to provide the business with highly qualified professionals. I hope to work at FMO for many more years to come."

Jolanda Breur 
Talent Acquisition Officer

"FMO, more than a bank! I have been in recruitment for more than 15 years and it is a profession I still enjoy very much. A job is important to everyone and it satisfies me that I am part of the recruitment process. I studied in Nijmegen where I did a Master’s in International Management.

I have worked both on the agency and the corporate side and in my previous job I recruited Freelance Finance Professionals. I always wanted to go back to corporate recruitment, with an international flavour within Finance, so FMO was for me the perfect match. And it goes even beyond that - because  FMO has a beautiful mission to which I easily can relate. To put that mission into practice for myself, I decided to commit myself to do a 520km mountain bike tour in Nicaragua to raise funds to fight against child marriages and the abuse of young girls. If I had not worked for FMO I probably would not have put myself through such a challenge. It has also helped a lot that so many colleagues support me with donations. This is also what we are looking for in potential new employees - the intrinsic motivation to work for this bank and help to make the world a better place. In that sense, also for me, a great place to work. "