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Gaby Streeder
Talent Acquisition Officer

"FMO is a great place to work! After having worked for more than twenty-five years in recruitment in the financial industry, I am happy to work for the Dutch Development bank. I started as an external employee, enjoyed it a lot and was asked to stay. FMO’s mission is inspiring and the colleagues with whom I work closely give me lots of energy.

Currently I am responsible for the recruitment of non-Front Office positions and the NL Business department. Sometimes challenging, but also very rewarding to provide the business with highly qualified professionals. I hope to work at FMO for many more years to come."

Jolanda Breur 
Talent Acquisition Officer

"FMO, more than a bank! I have been in recruitment for more than 15 years and it is a profession I still enjoy very much.

 I have worked both on the agency and the corporate side. I always wanted to go back to corporate recruitment, with an international flavour within Finance, so FMO was the perfect match for me. And it goes even beyond that - because FMO has a beautiful mission to which I can easily relate. I was so inspired and motivated by this mission that I decided to commit myself to a 520km mountain bike tour in Guatemala to raise funds to fight against child marriages and the abuse of young girls. And this intrinsic motivation is what I look for in potential candidates: that they really would like to contribute to making the world a better place . In that sense, also for me, a great place to work."


Mayowa Akinsanya

Talent Acquisition Officer

"What I enjoy the most about working for FMO is the people. I realized that the DNA of many colleagues is the intent to do good. I have always wanted to make more impact through my role and FMO helped me to be that sustainable recruiter in the financial sector which has always been my desire.

I am responsible for recruiting for the debt side of the Investment Management departments – Agric business, Financial Institutions, Energy and Partnership for Impact. I love Talent Acquisition so much because it gives you the opportunity to add value in the lives of people. It might sound cliche, but it's the simple truth. Jobs are really important in the lives of people and even families.”

jimena profileJimena Puy Cabetas

Talent Acquisition Officer

“I was born in Barcelona and studied Sociology and Political Sciences in Salamanca. Later on, I studied Demography in Heidelberg, Germany, an amazing enriching experience! I came first to The Hague in 2004 to work for NIDI, the Netherlands Interdisciplinary Demographic Institute, as part of a post-doctoral program funded by the EU. After my academic track, I reinvented myself as a Recruiter after a call from Korn Ferry, a leading firm of executive search who was looking for international profiles.

When I saw in November 2022 that FMO was looking for Recruiters, I thought: What a beautiful idea to combine my experience as a Global Recruiter with my background as a Demographer, where we always aim for a fair distribution of resources among the population. And yes, magic exists, and the dream came true! Here we are, proud to be a new member of the FMO Talent Acquisition Team, finding the best talent worldwide and the best development career path for all our employees.”