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Access to Energy Fund

In many fast-growing developing countries, the demand for electricity continues to rise whilst power infrastructure struggles to keep up.

The Access to Energy Fund is jointly initiated by the Dutch government and FMO in 2007 to support private sector projects aimed at providing long-term access to energy services in Sub-Saharan Africa.

Investment focus

Our main fossil fuel sources – oil, coal and gas – are finite natural resources, and we are depleting them at a rapid rate. Climate change has become a reality and is changing our future. This is intensifying the race to come up with energy solutions that are affordable for all and produced in ways that can be sustained by the global economy and the planet.

The fund supports energy generation, transmission and distribution projects in developing countries, ultimately aiming to connect 3 million people by 2018. The fund focuses on sustainable energy solutions, which is a focus area for FMO as a whole. 

Since December 2012, the fund is solely focusing on Sub–Saharan Africa, specifically targeting affordable, clean and renewable off-grid energy solutions.

Financing possibilities

The fund can either directly invest in or lend to a project or motivate a wider range of investor interest. The funding possibilities include:

  • Minority shares in equity investments
  • Loans of up to € 7 million – in euros, US$ or local currencies
  • Early stage equity to contribute to the high-risk, early stage project development phase