Articles of association

Articles of association

FMO applies Articles of Association both in our operations, to our associates and in the bylaws of our corporate governance structure.

FMO aims to contribute to healthy, long-term, responsible development in the business sector in developing countries, in the interest of the economical and social advancements. We do this in alignment with both the goals of the governments of the relevant countries and the Dutch governmental policies with regard to development assistance.

For our own operations, we apply Articles of Association as defined guidelines to how we partner with our clients, partners and associates. These cover areas such as how we provide financing, services, advice – and with whom we partner with – in order to stimulate developing markets in the broadest sense.

GUIDANCE FOR FINANCIAL SERVICES PROVIDERS regarding bank and securities accounts

To all providers of financial services to FMO, including but not limited to banks, fund managers, brokerage firms, etcetera.

FMO maintains a strict policy regarding the authorization of employees to sign instructions to open, maintain or close bank and securities accounts. A specific Signature List for (foreign) Bank Accounts exists, specifying a limited set of employees that are authorized to sign in this regard. Please note that the Signature List for (foreign) Bank Accounts is a different authorization than authorizations granted to FMO’s A, B and C proxy holders.

FMO will share updated versions of the Signature List for (foreign) Bank Accounts to its Financial Services Providers for keeping their records current. Financial Services Providers are expected to confirm receipt of such updates.