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Annual and Interim Reports

FMO's annual reports cover activities that took place or had effect on the reporting year. FMO publishes its financial and sustainability report annually by the end of March. Both elements of the report are audited by an external auditor. The consolidated interim financial information is reviewed by an external auditor.

Evaluation and development impact reports

FMO's investment selection process is focused on optimizing sustainable growth and development impact. To verify actual realization of anticipated impact, FMO evaluates projects after five years or on exit. The evaluation assesses the business success of the project or client company and the impact it has had on the local economy, community and environment. Furthermore, we look at the quality of FMO's work and our investment outcome. This allows us to investigate to what extent the various outcomes are interrelated, and to learn how we can further improve development results.


S&P Reports

Standard & Poors rates FMO annually. Below are the reports from 2006 onwards.

Fitch Ratings Reports

Equator Principles reports

In 2006, FMO adopted the Equator Principles. FMO has been applying the Safeguard Policies / IFC Performance Standards since the year 2000. Additionally, FMO has chosen to apply the IFC Performance Standards to all financing, meaning that we apply the IFC Performance Standards principles to financing under US$10 million and not only our project finance transactions but corporate finance as well. Hence FMO goes further than the Equator Principles’ requirements. FMO currently uses the 2012 IFC Performance Standards and third generation Equator Principles.

Pillar 3 disclosures