Recommendations Agua Zarca

Recommendation for a responsible exit

After the results of the Independent Fact Finding Mission to Honduras conducted by independent experts in August 2016, FMO and the other Lenders engaged an independent facilitator in October 2016 to assist them with exploring options for a responsible exit, which would take into account the interests of all parties.

March 3, 2017

FMO heard the views of directly affected communities around the project site through a number of channels including the facilitator, DESA, and through personal meetings with other stakeholders, both in Honduras and in the Netherlands. FMO also reached out to influential international bodies with a presence in the region, such as the EU embassy as well as other European embassies in the region in order to realize a responsible exit from the project.

The following are the recommendations for a responsible exit from the independent facilitator, Mr. Juan Dumas:

Recommendations in English

Recommendations in Spanish

Independent facilitator Juan Dumas is available to answer any questions on these recommendations.
Mr. Dumas can be contacted via